Monday, December 12, 2011

What a Sugar Rush

"Well, what else is possible?"

One of my students wanted to know (for his journalism class) what types of challenges competitive eaters participated in. I mentioned the hot wing challenges. Then I talked about speed challenges. That didn't impress him. Then I brought up volume challenges, but he wasn't moved.

Then, I let my mind drift. We have intensely hot challenges... why don't we have intensely sweet challenges? Foods that pack an insane amount of sugar into a small volume. The concept was instantly delicious. We did a little research, and a combination of suitable foods was selected for me to try.

The idea was to have a selection of foods that wouldn't be ridiculously heavy, but whose sugar content would stop cold most people who tried it. Sweet challenges are among my favorite, so I figured this was a worthy experiment.

900 grams of sweet, sugary hell.

The best aspect of the video is all the contortions my face goes through as the sugar rush hits me. And it hit HARD. The "intensity of sweet" challenge is much harder than I thought it would be.

Everyone agreed it was profoundly ridiculous, and not even I will be attempting that again.

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