Monday, September 5, 2011

Preview: West Coast Hot Dog Eating Championship 2011

The field posing with hot dogs
Tonight's the night. In Mission Viejo, possibly the largest gathering of eating talent outside of an IFOCE event will congregate at the Derby Deli to determine the West Coast Hot Dog Eating Championship. 
Who do we have here? The best independent talent in Southern California, mixed up with some of the best talent the eating world has to offer. Anyone who believes that an independent contest is lame, subpar, or merely features a big dog beating up on barflies, better open up their eyes and take notice. 
Look at the list...
Takeru Kobayashi
Tom Gilbert
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski 
Dale Boone
Richard LeFevre (not pictured) 
Kevin Ross 
Johnnie Excel   
Aaron Ybarra
Naader Reda
Mary Bowers (making her debut) 

With the exception of the lone female in the contest, every person billed approaches the table with considerable experience. Every rank in the contest will be hard fought. On the line is eternal glory, $10,000 and a bunch of trophies.

I'm looking for Kobayashi to eat 70 hdbs or more. Even if he doesn't, it's going to be a hell of an event. And the interplay between Tom Gilbert and "Furious" Pete, who went into sudden death to decide last year's title, will be electrifying. 
Could we possibly see an upset tonight? 

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